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The Ruralist
Photographic 'tails' from a city mouse ...
who just happens to live in the country.

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New year, new me. 0 notesReblog
Homemade roasted mushroom soup. #yummyscrumboes 0 notesReblog
Home brewed gin. Yummy scrumboes. 0 notesReblog
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'… They do. Not. Give. In.' (Tonne Goodman) 0 notesReblog
Don’t really mind the cost of heat when this pug loves it so much … 0 notesReblog
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Finished the ‘West Wing’ yesterday and this came in the mail today from @hwalshwriter. Kissmet? I think yes! 0 notesReblog
Time for a quick catnap. (at New Hope, PA) 0 notesReblog
'I'm really starting to think the whole world is just a patchwork quilt of crazy little cults, all with their own secret spaces, their own records, their own rules.' #penumbra 0 notesReblog
When you don’t know what to believe in,
Let me be your religion,
It’s a fucked up world that we live in,
So let me be your religion …
Let me be the one you go to,
When you start to cry,
Let me be the one that holds you,
When you’re asking why,
I can only imagine what you’re going through, babe,
But please.

— { ‘Religion’ | Skylar Grey }

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A feel-better Friday drawing from a friend. 0 notesReblog
Best bookmark ever. 0 notesReblog
A very contemplative Frank. 0 notesReblog
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